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Our new portal

2018 was all about streamlining our system. We needed something to organize well.... basically everything. We utilize a few different programs but this week our favorite tool in our toolbox turns 3 so to celebrate, we thought we'd share how we work with Dubsado.

In a nutshell, Dubsado changed our entire system and we'll never look back. It's hard to narrow down our favorite things- but in honor of their bday- we'll be sharing a few features this week.

One of the first things our clients see is their very own Client Portal. Our clients can now login to review their contract, invoices, intake forms, our task list and more. They have their own login, can bookmark their page, and it's totally customized to our brand.

We even created a form that welcomes our clients to their portal- so they get a roadmap before they login.

All of our forms are customizable to our brand, so once we set everything up to reflect Magnolia- everything looks great across the board.

If you're one of our awesome new clients- you've already seen this!

The coolest thing is that Dubsado will probably work for you as well. If you have any sort of forms, contracts, or invoices you send to your clients- you should check them out!

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