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Our new intake forms- all bases covered!

We love to share tips and tricks, and this week we're introducing you to some cool features we use to run our business. We introduced you to our not so secret organizational super tool Dubsado,

and now it's turned into a bit of a love fest.

Why? Because not only do we love how easy it is to get and organize info from our clients- we love how important each project becomes once everything is set up. Nothing gets lost, nothing is missed, everything is accounted for in all of our forms.

On our site we have a great lead form set up so that interested clients can submit a quick form and we know what they need, and how to best help them achieve their goals. Check out our form HERE.

We have 5 forms that guide us through a project.

1. Intake form: who are you, how can we help?

2. Design: what do you want the look/feel to be? Are there sites you love? What about font and colors?

3. Checklist: We like to make sure clients have everything ready before we start. This checklist is a great reference point.

4. Sign off and delivery: Once we deliver the site, our clients sign off, approve delivery, and we launch!

5. How'd we do? We love all feedback. It's a great way to learn, grow and evolve as a company.

If you're one of our awesome new clients- you've already seen this!

The coolest thing is that Dubsado will probably work for you as well. If you have any sort of forms, contracts, or invoices you send to your clients- you should check them out!

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